Tips For Choosing Baby Clothing – Choose Organic Clothes


Since clothing and accessory is an inevitable part of a baby’s daily routine, parents choice on what their babies put on is therefore important. This is because, although human needs are insatiable, there is still need to minimise wants. such that every parent who want comfort for their babies would narrow down their urge for so much of the conventional baby wears to what is that good and expected need for their babies.
Health they say is wealth, so keeping your baby away from as much health hazard as possible isn’t and can’t be over emphasized.

Organic wears are purely cotton grown products without any trace of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The use of entirely natural materials during the processes makes it absolutely in ideal condition for babies. One can count on the use of natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and flannel to provide the desired comfort a baby would need.
Babies are divinely very sensitive, super fragile and delicate. They can get hurt by the smallest percentage of harsh chemicals or synthetics in clothes and accessories especially. The slightest hint from the “conventional” baby wear with of course certain pesticides could give an immeasurable rise to skin irritations, rash or reactions with uncontrollable allergies-which isn’t what any parent want for their babies.
The question then is-if organic wears are the best choice for babies why this article? Why talk about it in the first place?
*It is because parents are ignorant of the adverse effect of inorganic baby wears.
*Organic wears prior now weren’t so much available in stores.
*And now that it is, it is somewhat ‘expensive’ for some category of parents to afford- the averages and have not(s).
*Some parents still prefer to stick to the old ‘what we know and grew up with’ syndrome than this what’s best for your child thingy.
*Above all, some question out loud that ‘what assurance do I have that my baby would be protected from such diseases and discomfort as earlier stated, when the world we live in is a polluted one?
Now, this may sound true -that with the excessive rise of pollution in the atmosphere; vertualy in all that we drink, eat, wear and even the air we breath, organic baby wears and accessories may not make any difference-but ofcourse that is only a cliché still predominant in our psyche. Thus, making us yearn for instincts that will stick us to the old belief of “if this (inorganic wears and accessories ) didn’t kill us, then it can’t our babies either”. Admist all these, it is necessary to understand that the world is in a different and new dispensation now. what served for 3-4 decades might not survive a week in this era.


FINANCE: Organic baby accessories and clothes are usually an extra pay, off the normal wears you can purchase your baby. The thought of having to save an amount that could buy you four to five wears for just one or two organic wears, poses a challenge to parents ‘ purse and pockets. This in turn would make decisions on choice of baby wears difficult; such that even parents who know the dangers of inorganic wears still struggle within themselves. Although 40-50% of parents are willing to pay extra to purchase organic wears for their babies. while about 50-60% of parents would rather prefer to purchase organic baby food and body care products than the clothes. This is because parents pay more attention to choice of food for their babies since they believe that food and skin/body care products are immensely absorbed into the blood stream.

You mustn’t go for the more expensive ones. Rather, choose a a reasonably good brand of organic wears with a relatively less price- that could also serve


IGNORANCE: The saying knowledge is power is made more evident here. In choosing your baby’s clothes and accessories, if for certain you know what can hurt or harm your baby, you normally wouldn’t purchase such. For so many their babies are being exposed to a number of skin allergies and reactions because new moms for instance do not know the difference between organic and synthetics. it is in light of this that parents are advised to always ask questions. There are too many information available to be dispersed and passed on for proper care of our babies than to be the architect of any health mishap they may face – all sourced from being ignorant.
As a mom and a parent, you shouldn’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to sought your confusions about your baby’s well being out. Ignorance would only make you spend more i.e you’ll spend extra to treat your baby from whatever skin reactions they contract as a result of not knowing what wears was appropriate for them. Save money by saving enough information to avoid unnecessary expense.
Bear in mind that in choosing your baby’s wears (clothes and accessories) those made with polyester aren’t a choice for your baby. Also those with formal-dehyde based resins should be avoided as they can cause skin reactions.


BELIEF SYSTEM: Your belief system moulds the way you think and act. knowing that what you belief in works for you, it is imperative you set your mind on the right thoughts and beliefs.
Change that old saying. Look around you mom, the world had adversely metamorphosed. Your baby isn’t born in the 40’s or 50’s, so don’t crawl back into what grandma raised you with- that is archaic; move with the trend. Give your baby the best you can afford for the era. You can’t of course change the entire world but you can make your baby’s world a pleasant place to live in. Give them the comfort they deserve and not stuff them up with “this is how it’s done from time memorial-syndrome”. save extra, source new info, dare to go the extra mile for your baby’s safety and comfort. Be the updated and informed kind of mom-your child will love you for it.
Information will keep you alert and decisive but your decisions and actions are still determined by what you hold onto.

LOW AVAILABILITY:Organic baby wears happen to be very low in circulation due to ignorance which in turn leads to low purchase, and low purchase leading to less production. Lack of awareness of organic baby products have affected the availability and accessibility as the case may be. Which means; Parents who are relatively aware of the existence, importance and necessity of organic baby wears still face a challenge of going all out (extra mile) to purchase these products. They would have to bring in these products from other cities other than where they reside or order for them online which will attract delivery fees. Parents would prefer walking into a nearby store to purchase it rather than go thru all of these stress.

Organic baby wears are made from natural sources like cotton which are grown without the use synthetics or chemicals or pesticides. It also does not undergo bleaching, insecticidal solutions, detergent wash, dying, printing e.t.c
Organic baby wears are the best choice for health impact. All thanks to it’s high absorbing capacity, ventilation ability, absence of toxins, light weight and soft texture.
Organic wears are rarely prone to attacks from insects and fungi.
They preserve the environment from pollution since there are no chemicals used in its cultivation and entire processes. Being made of natural fiber, these clothes can decompose and become mulch again thus causing no health nor environmental hazard.


Baby bedding are collection of materials used to cover a newborn baby. It is mostly a combination of cot bumper and a piece of soft padding material to cover the part of the cot where the head of the baby lays. It likewise consists of sheets serving as materials to protect the bed or mattress which under normal circumstances comes in two kinds : the flat and fitted. Then there is what us called a fleece blanket, it is a soft blanket used to keep the baby warm.
When choosing for organic baby bedding, you should bear in mind that it must first be made from natural fibers that are sourced from plants and not animals. The following hints can guide your decision making:

1. Organic bedding should be such that it is durable. It’s ability to stand the test of time makes it more preferable to the normal day-to-day kind of bedding.
2. Organic baby bedding should be as comfy as possible- it is therefore pertinent to keep/make their bedding as body friendly as possible. An organic baby bedding is naturally soft and you can tell that by mere touch. Try to feel it with your palms and possibly on a part of your skin to confirm how smooth it is. Organic products are body friendly, so if you can’t get the ‘awwnnnnn’ feeling from just touching and feeling it, then it isn’t organic.
3. Light weight:No heavy bedding, blankets, mattresses- keep it simple. Generally, we wear clothes to keep warm in unfriendly weather conditions among many other reasons. But remember that babies don’t have the energy to walk around or breath properly in those heavy blankets in the name of keeping warm. Don’t chunk them up with heavy bedding. Organic baby bedding should be as light weighted as they can be. Anything heavier then the weight of 9-10 handkerchiefs put together is not an option for blankets. Parents should be prepared with an imagery of what they hope to purchase for their babies.
4. After considering the aforementioned, take to heart this! Your choice of Organic baby bedding should not be made of any hard material. It should be non – allergic to all skin types and as simple as it can be.
#Remember as earlier stated that you mustn’t always go for the costliest – even of bedding. In providing the best for your baby, you can’t transform the whole world and ‘price’ is not a perequi site for quality. Be sure of the product. Be familiar and know as much about the nitigrity of what constitutes an organic product.
5. Coat of many colors: It is undeniable that babies look so adorable in colors clothing and bedding. They also hardly get dirty as plain ones would. But if you want to keep your baby safe, pick up the white colored bedding. Why? White bedding are more organic as compared to colored ones. This is because some of the colors used for processing the bedding are not entirely and at all times gotten from actual plants, at least not as enough for mass production. Finally, you won’t find it hard to believe not all ‘colors’ are advisable for baby skin. To avoid uncertainty, go for white colored bedding. It’s safer to be safe.


Organic blankets too are made from organic materials. The materials used for production are 100% naturally grown bio – dynamically or organically. This implies that the isn’t any use of harmful substances in form of fertilzers, pesticides or fungicides. Also, no synthetic bleaches as chlorine, dyes or synthetic flavors or coloring are used during production.
Organic blankets that are made from wool are mostly preferable because it is more comfortable and non – allergic. It is suitable for all skin types.
Note that organic blankets are not likely to always have a wide range of colors. But nonetheless, always go for the white cottoned and lightly colored blankets. Avoid flavored blankets and watch out for reputable companies that produce organic products (bedding – blankets, mattresses, clothing etc.)

Just like all other organic products, organic baby mattresses are costly than others. They are notably not so available due to lack of awareness, financial issues and low standard of living as earlier stated. This article aims to bring to the knowledge of all and Sundry that these products too are organically grown with a natural rubber, flannel and cotton. They are highly absorbent of water moisture of liquid form, which in turn is skin friendly and keeps babies still comfortable even after messing up their bed. They do not produce nor itches, irritations, allergies or rashes no matter how long they (babies) stay in touch with them (mattresses). Funny enough, organic baby mattresses are harmless so much that your baby can wrestle-wrap themselves in them or even chew on them without being hurt or contracting any health impairment or hazard.

Considering that finance as a result of low income poses a challenge to parents affording organic products for their babies as many times possible , it is important to learn how to maintain and make efficient use of the ones they are finally able to purchase. In maintaining these bedding i.e blankets, mattresses et.c do not use any form of synthetic liquids or detergents. Using any of these will kill the organic components in the bedding and leave them as harmful as an inorganic one.
How You Should Maintain it: simply use hot water and organic liquids and flower essences then dry them properly in hot sun which will help to kill any germ on them. Driers too could serve.

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