Tips For Buying The Best High Heel Shoes

Tips For Buying The Best High Heel Shoes

Your appearance and outlook goes a long way to gain you some opportunities. Believe it or not, wearing high heels gives you a very classy look. It elevates you, makes you appear smart, spontaneous and ready for work.

You might think this isn’t true, but research shows that most companies and cooperate agencies prefer to be represented by tall and smart looking people. Who wouldn’t like a pretty lady standing tall, looking classy and sounding smart. She’ll sell her ideas in a split second.

However, high heel shoes are only this amazing if you know how to pick the right ones. Here are a couple of tips you need to help you buy the right heels.



With high heel shoes, it is important that you put into consideration, the size of shoe you want to buy. In most cases, high heel shoes are manufactured in a “one size fits all” fashion. As a result of this, there is usually need to either resize the shoes or find a perfect fit. So for this reason, it is better to buy a brand that can be resized. To know a pair of high heel shoes that can be resized, check the insoles of the shoe. If the insoles have series of patterned lines on it, then it mean that you can resize with the manufacturers instruction and a scissors. In most cases, you will not get this information online so it is advisable that if you cannot find detailed pictures online, you call a representative of the company or better still a customer care agent before making a final decision.


Appearance, comfort and style.

The shoe heel lift that you have decided to buy should have enough space for your ankle to fit in perfectly. It therefore means that, you’ll be depending on the height, thickness of the insole and the heel, and the height of the shoe to determine if it suits you. This sounds like a lot so I’ll just break it down a bit.

An insole that is capable of increasing your height usually has a heel with a 1.5-2 inches thickness. Shoes like these are mostly high top shoes like boots, dress shoes and high top sneakers. The reason for this is that, if there isn’t enough space for your ankle, your feet will constantly pull out when you’re walking. So shoes like these were built to have high tops for that. Meanwhile, insoles that are just about 1 inch thick are mostly found in low top shoes. However, it isn’t possible that everyone will be turning towards high top heel shoes. There are also options of buying shoes with detachable heels, this way you can either wear tall of short.



There are different materials that shoes are made from. In selecting your shoe, you should try to find one that us very comfortable. Ensure that you check the insoles of the shoe and be sure that it can mold your feet in it. It is best if you do not by a shoe with flat insoles; shoes like that only cause pain and imbalanced posture. Also, the material used should be breathable so that retention of moisture can be prevented, should be absolutely durable and comfortable. Anything short of this, could affect the height increasing potentials of the shoe.


We love shoes, low shoes, high heel shoes and many other types. However, it is best to buy shoes with more benefits than increased heights. Try to consider some models that help to reduce strain or stress on your back, the ones that can stimulate proper blood flow and also, one that can tone the muscles of the legs. It is indeed possible to find shoes like that. Hopefully, with these tips,you will make right decisions before buying.




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