Is It Safe To Buy a Violin Online?

Is It Safe To Buy a Violin Online?


With the advent of technology and online trends, people buy almost everything online. From clothes to shoes, to electronics and now musical instruments. A lot of people keep asking if it’s okay to buy a violin online. Well, I’m all for buying stuff online because they’re original and very much affordable. However, as a beginner, this is not a very good idea. Here are some of the reasons why.


Problems associated with buying a violin online.

There are so many problems associated with buying a violin online. The reason is that, while buying a violin, it is important that you see all parts of the violin and ensure there’s nothing wrong with it. This is impossible if the violin isn’t in front of you.

Some of the problems you might encounter include cracked bows and cases, open seems that can become harmful to the playability of the instrument, and other issues that can alter the sound of the violin. The violin you plan to purchase online could have all of these problems and more, but you’d never know if it isn’t in front of you. It could even be in front of you but because you’re a beginner, you’ll be absolutely clueless. If it’s possible, it is important that you take your teacher along while shopping for a violin.


Too Risky?? Risky

The main reason why people buy violins or prefer to buy violins online is because of the affordable prices they’re been offered online. Just so you know, in my opinion, any violin below thirty thousand naira is either junk or old. It used to be cheaper but the recession that shook the nation equally increased prices in musical instruments as well. This affected the violin prices too and so any violin at the price range above shouldn’t be considered. If you’ll be buying one online, then ensure that the price isn’t below thirty thousand naira. This way, you’re sure of buying your money’s worth.

In order to be very sure,before making the purchase, ensure that the online marketers have a return policy in case you find out there’s something wrong. after buying, also take the violin to a local shop where an expert can inspect the instrument and be sure that its fit for use.



If you think that buying a violin online is too risky, then you should know that there are many other options to choose from. There are local violin shops that you can buy from, where they allow you test the instrument before purchase. On the other hand, you can take your violin teacher with you to the shop to help you inspect the violin before making the purchase.  There are also good stores where you could rent violins as a starter till you figure out if you really want to play it or not. There some shops that have a rent-to-own program, where you can pay for the violin every month till the payment is complete and you can finally own it.  Some of these shops are shops that mostly deal in string instruments. For some people, playing the violin is just to find out what might interest them more between options. For such, it is advisable to rent the violins from a reputable shop. If you decide finally to play the violin, ensure that you’re buying or renting from a shop with good inventory.

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