Do’s & Don’ts While Shopping Baby Clothes


Every new parent at first would have their hearts skipping beats at the sight of newborn baby clothes. You might have the butterfly feeling in your stomach when you set your eyes on those adorable angelic baby clothes; but your goal should be to fill your baby’s closet strictly with newborn wears. Such that will be comfortable for him or her and not the potentially hazardous ones.

Note that babies grow very fast and the urge to want to purchase every and any ‘designer wear’ will be a total waste of money. babies spend the largest part of the day sleeping -say about 14-18 hours per day. This implies that they wouldn’t be out there to help you flaunt your money via those clothes while others admire them. Do your best to keep their clothes simple, soft, durable and above all, comfortable. The choice of style for baby clothes should come last.


* BUDGET: Plan for your baby’s clothes ahead of time. Prices of baby clothes varies,none to the other. Wisely decide and choose clothes that are neither too big nor exactly your baby’s size. This is because baby’s grow very fast, faster than our eyes can imagine. Buying clothes that are exactly their size would be like a waste of money because they will soon outgrow them.Those about 2-3 times bigger than their actual size can serve. That way, your baby will be wearing those clothes much longer than they would if they were their exact sizes which they would have outgrown.

* MATERIAL: Carefully select the material. Choosing clothes for your ‘little miracle’ like I fondly call babies, can be super amazing and fun filled. Don’t be surprised to catch yourself wear a deep grin all by yourself; it all comes with the joy of choosing your baby’s clothes. Sometimes it is because you can’t help but imagine or picture your baby looking so scute in those clothes. But more importantly, bear in mind that your baby’s skin is 5 times more delicate as compared to yours. You have survived the scorching and fiercest of weather but your baby does not know jack about how it feels to be uncomfortable. That means ‘not everything goes’ for him or her. Be extremely selective of the clothing material. It is safe and advisible to purchase cotton over others. Cotton is soft and more skin friendly and will avert those skin rashes and allergies which hard clothing materials can cause your baby.

* Buy socks that fit well in place of boots that would occasionally fall off. It isn’t so important or mandatory for your baby to wear shoes within the first six weeks. A well fitted socks will as well protect their feet as much as you think the shoes would. You can start worrying about the choice of shoes for your baby when he or she starts moving around (crawling) or just after the first six weeks.  But in choosing your baby’s socks, ensure that you buy those with non-skid material at the sole to ensure your baby’s comfort. A comfortable baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes a happy parent.

* Don’t iron baby clothes especially jumpsuits and bodysuits.  They don’t circumnavigate as you do,  so there isn’t much germs from the atmosphere resting on their clothes. After washing with mild soaps, Simply fold them neatly and keep them in the baby’s closet.

* Be Climate conscious: Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring/Harmattan, rainy and dry season as the case may be, are all different atmospheric conditions to put into consideration when purchasing baby clothes. Don’t stock your baby’s closet with 70-80% jumpsuits and body hugs when the forecast reads 33.2°c to 35°c. Buy clothes that appropriate the weather conditions of where you are and the period your baby was born. Don’t assume your baby needs more warmth and then denying him or her of air; it could be hazardous.  If the weather is cold, cover them up properly, if it is hot, wear them clothes that allows in flow of air.
*Buy comfortable clothes: Don’t suit up your 1-2 months or even 4months old baby in blazers, tie and sort simply because you want them to look beautiful.  Yes! babies look adorable in fancy clothes but that’s not comfort for them. Wearing them such would only make them uneasy, and make them cry all the time- this will in turn affect you the parent. If they are restless, you too wouldn’t find the pace to breath. Any your baby cannot move and play around in, is NOT an option.

* Give consideration to choice of color. Not all brightly colored clothes are a top notch choice for babies. If you are a parent that loves your baby looking dazzling all the time, then go for lightly colored baby clothes instead. The extremely colored baby clothes do have an adverse effect (negatively) on your baby’s eyes and general health.

N.B.   If you want to shop for baby clothes, it is advising you wait until after your baby shower  since it is notable that you’ll get so many baby clothes as gift items from friends and family at thus period; after which you will be able to add up to those items that are still lacking before delivery. But if you’re such a parent that cannot resist, then you should consider shopping consignment.
Shopping consignment is when a shop sells goods for an owner. The owner keeps ownership of his goods until they are sold, after which the owner pays a little fee to the shop as compensation for selling the item. i.e after you must have realised that your baby’s closet is now filled with so much under sized wears,  you could still make money out of it by consigning them to a shop where they could serve for other babies too. In turn, you are making a gain out of it, with which you can use to purchase new clothes for the baby.

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