How To Buy Shoes Online


There’s a saying that gold shoes take you good places. There’s just one tiny problem, where to find good shoes and how to buy them. Well, I think most people have settled with buying products online because if the authenticity and the guarantee of the longevity of the product.

So many people want to buy shoes online to rid themselves of the stress of shopping physically. However, this might prove difficult because, most people like to try on their shoes before making the purchase. Nevertheless, that’s why I’m here to give you some tips or hacks on how to shop for shoes online.


Shoe Size

Before you go online to buy the shoes, you must first know your shoe size. As a result of people physically going to buy shoes at stores, they usually don’t know what their shoe sizes are because all you have to do is find a pair of shoes that befits the purpose and find the size that fits. However, with buying online its different. You’ll have to k ow your shoe size for different brands as well. Not all companies or countries have the same measurement for shoes. You can also buy a measuring machine like the ones used by stores, to measure your shoe size before checking online. Also, ensure that if you have any issues with your leg, like a swelling or something of the sort, that you consider it while determining your shoe size.


Shoe Type

The second tip on the list states that you need to know the type of shoe you want to buy. Yes, don’t just go online and start browsing to see if there’s any pair of shoes you’ll like. Instead, determine what you want to help you narrow your search. There are different types of shoes from comfortable sneakers to heels or just flat shoes. Whichever one you decide to buy is fine, just decide before you go on an endless search online. While you’re at it, remember that buying some specific shoe types will be challenging since you can’t try them but, buying comfortable shoes are quite easier.


Search Engine

When you want to buy shoes online, make sure that you enter the type of shoe you want to buy, into your favorite or a very reputable search engine. It could be Google or Amazon but whichever you choose, it is also important that you know the words to enter into the search engine. For instance if you plan to buy moccasin, enter “moccasin shoes” into the search engine. You can include the size of the shoe and also the colour if you have a specific one in mind. So you should be searching for “brown moccasin shoes”. If you also want to include the name of the company, you’re allowed. Just ensure that you enter into the search engine, specific details of what you need.


Customer Reviews

You might think that this is not all that but I’ll tell you the truth; customer reviews can tell a whole lot about a product and its manufacturers. Immediately you find the shoes you want to buy, ensure that you get the name, enter into your preferred search engine and read the customer reviews. Amazon is one company that has company reviews accompanying their products. Even if you do not plan to buy from amazon, you’re free to check the customer reviews. You don’t have to pay for that. Also, if you have a foot condition, make sure to include it while searching for the type of shoe you want. This way, in the customer reviews that follow, you can get information onthe shoes are being modelled to fit your foot condition.

Price Comparison

After reading the reviews about the product, make sure to check for different prices from different companies to ensure you’re getting a good deal before buying. Spend quality time in browsing different sites to get different results and prices. There are also sites that help in comparing prices as well. Just enter “compare shoe prices” into the search engine and sites that can handle it will show up. Lastly, make sure you’re not buying from sites that sell already used products.


Customer Care Response

I do this just to test the company I plan to buy from. In many cases, the reception given to a customer even over the phone could be the reason why he buys or doesn’t buy from the company. However, if you genuinely have concerns about the shoes, you should ask with the intention to know if you’ll be comfortable using the shoes. Some people have flat feet and this might pose as an issue with regards to the type of shoe in consideration. If you’re one of them, ensure that you call the company to be sure that there are shoes for you.


Return Policy and Site Security

No matter how reputable or affordable a company’s product is, once you’re buying online, its different and its advisable you buy from a company with a return policy. The reason is that, even if the product isn’t damaged or anything of the sort, they are shoes and could still come in a different size. So it is important that you can be allowed to return for an appropriate and more suitable size.


Lastly, ensure that you’re buying from a safe and secured site. There are many fraudsters today and its only fair that you have this at the back of your mind before entering payment details. If you feel unsure, try paying with a legitimate site for payment to see if the company is legitimate or not.

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